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Come and join us for our Monday COED CORNHOLE LEAGUE in Stamford to be held at the Ponus Yacht Club! 

League Information

  • This league will play on Mondays between 6:15PM to 8:30PM. 

  • Games will be played at the Ponus Yacht Club at 41 Bateman Way in Stamford. 

  • This season will consist of 7 regular season games and a playoff week for all teams in the league! 

Team Roster Format

  • This league plays 4 v 4. 

  • This league is coed.

  • Teams are required to have 1 player of each gender. 

  • Teams must have a minimum of 4 players.

Sponsor Bar

  • Ponus Yacht Club, located at 41 Bateman Way in Stamford.

Registration Information

  • Players must be registered and paid by the registration deadline.  Unpaid registrations are deleted every evening.

  • Players must be paid in full to play. Teams found to be playing with unpaid players will receive a forfeit.

  • T-Shirts are only available for players that have registered by the registration deadline.

  • All players must have physically or electronically signed waivers on file with the office prior to playing.

Teams and Team Fee

  • Captains, please consider paying the team fee when registering. Teams that pay the team fee are still required to register all of their players. Players that are not signed up by the registration deadline will NOT receive get a T-Shirt.

  • Credits are not allowed to be used when paying the team fee.

  • The discounted team fee is not available for all leagues. Credits or other discounts cannot be used towards the team fee.

  • At the time of the registration deadline, teams that haven’t paid the team fee are considered incomplete, and are then combined with other teams or supplemented with free agents to reach the minimum number of unpaid players. My Social Sports reserves the right to add players at the deadline or combine teams to any teams that have less than the required amount of players, and haven’t paid the team fee.

  • Teams may add players through game 6 of the season but may not add them after that for any reason, including injury. Players must contact the office to register after the deadline.

Announcements and News

There are currently no announcements to display.