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All MSS league standings utilize the following tie-breaking procedure whenever teams are tied for league points (PTS). If a tie still exists after applying a tie-breaking rule, the next rule in the list is used.

  1. Head-to-head - When all tied teams play against each other during the season an equal amount of times, the team with the better record vs. the other team wins.
  2. Points Against (PA) - The team with the lowest PA wins.
  3. Points Differential (PD) – The team with the largest differential between points for and against.
  4. Strength of Schedule (SOS) - This measures the combined record of a team's defeated opponents, foreach game played against them. Teams that beat teams with good records will have a higher SOS than teams that beat teams with poor records. The SOS is only used for breaking a tie; it is not useful as an overall measure of a team's performance.
  5. Coin Toss
  6. Sack Race

Starting spring 2016 forfeits for each particular sport will have an assigned forfeit score that will be used for tie-breaking procedures. An initial place holding score of 1-0 may be used to denote a forfeit situation, and that score will be revised upon completion of the season, and used to break any ties that may have occurred for playoff seeding.

  1. Kickball 4-0
  2. Dodgeball 8-0
  3. Volleyball 3-0
  4. Softball 8-0
  5. Football 28-0
  6. Basketball 40-0
  7. Floor Hockey 4-0
  8. Soccer 4-0
  9. Ultimate Frisbee 15-0

Note: If three or more teams finish with identical records, the aforementioned tiebreakers will be used, in that order, to eliminate teams from the tiebreaker until a champion is determined. However, if three or more teams are tied, and the games played against the group is unequal, head to head records among the three teams will not be used. In that case, the next tiebreaker be used to eliminate teams, one by one, until two teams remain in the tiebreaker. Once two teams remain in the tiebreaker, head to head will be used, if applicable.